Frances Katz

Frances Katz

I'm a journalist.

Writer, journalist, bookblogger at Ploughshares. Pianist, NYC expat, sometime globetrotter. Specialties include pop culture, books, law,food, film, travel and television. Want to see more? Ask!

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Life-Changing Cookbooks: Around My French Table.

I was already on the other side of 30 when I realized I didn’t have a signature dish. Then I got the book that changed everything.

Buzz and Backlash: A Short History of Pepsi's Bleeding Edge ...

Buzz and Backlash: A Short History of Pepsi's Bleed...

Dine and Date (and Resist!) in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is a perfect place for progressive lovebirds to bond over shared ideals and delicious food

The 100 Year History of Marshmallow Fluff

"You’d be forgiven for thinking Fluff was developed in a lab by the same NASA scientists who invented Tang, but you’d still be wrong."